Prayer Requests

Flavel Street Baptist Church is a praying church.  Please pray with us. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16b, NKJV)

Here are some of our prayer requests, with some Scripture references to guide our prayers:

First off, we thank God for our blessings (as directed in Psalm 100:4). 

Will McC has been strengthened in his walk with the Lord.

Tom C.’s health improvement strategy has helped a lot.

We request from God:

Salvation for those who lack it. (2 Peter 3:9)

— That Christians would be sure of our faith. (1 John 1:1-4)

— The Sanctification of believers, that we would follow Christ more closely and become more conformed to His character.  (John 17:17)

— That Christians would recognize the war against principalities and powers.

— Godly counsel for the Trump team and the Biden team

— Discernment between falsehood and truth.  We as Christians should value truth, no matter which side of an issue. Let us pray humbly that we see truth, and pray that others also seek and see the truth.

For our church

— That God would shape us, establish us and use us for His purposes in our community and our world. (Psalm 127:1-2)

— For unity and love in our church body. (John 17:21) We have different personalities and even different political beliefs, but we are one body and one faith.

— For Christian brethren who are standing for the faith in these times of hostility. 

— For Christians currently being persecuted around the world.

For our nation and our communities

— That God would bless and give wisdom to our political leaders, that they would make and enforce laws permitting us to live peaceably in our communities, protecting us from harm,  free to worship God and serve one another and our neighbors.  (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Many people are still affected by wildfires. Pray for their safety.

Please pray for the people affected by violence across our country. 

Pray that Truth and Justice would prevail.

Also, please pray for people affected by the Coronavirus in our communities and around the world. Pray for the scientists and doctors developing treatments and prevention.

The Coronavirus situation is affecting our economy. Pray for people whose work is affected. Pray for schoolchildren (and their parents). Pray for people to come up with workable plans to stay safe while finding solutions.

Calmness while remaining self-quarantined and careful reopening, and hope for those who are ill.

Let’s pray that we can soon resume regular services and fellowshipping together.

Here is information from the CDC about helping prevent the spread of Covid-19. Here is similar information from the World Health Organization. 

Please pray for these specific people, and others the Lord brings to mind:


Penney has passed away. Please pray that Steve and the family be comforted.


Richard’s girlfriend’s dad may be lost out near Sisters. Pray for all concerned, for comfort, travel mercies and help to get him home.

Leah’s sister’s health

Doris S.’s health

Carrie L. is having additional health concerns

Persons with addictions and related problems

Shirley S. is having some health problems.

Pray that Matt and Melissa discern and follow God’s wisdom and guidance.

Pray that Darrell H’s tumor stays in remission

Norma’s health

Tom C.’s mother’s health

For Tom C.’s employment 

Rodney C. has Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Pray for him and for Rocky C., who is caring for him.

Tom C.’s Uncle Randy’s health

Susan and Mark — unspoken

Barbara and her daughter — unspoken

Mike S.

Pray for our senior members, and for those with physical and other challenges.

Pray for safety for people who live in neighborhoods with unrest. 

Pray for Christian revival.  


If you’re in the Portland area, come to Flavel Street Baptist Church in Southeast Portland. We look forward to meeting you.



Growing up, I tried to live a virtuous life, but I kept failing. After awhile, I thought God was disappointed in me, so I lost hope and gave up trying to be good. Then a friend told me about her life, and that God had not given up on her. I realized God loved me so much that Jesus died to pay for my sins. God knew my sins and weaknesses, and He didn’t reject me. I repented of my pride and acknowledged my absolute need of Him, and He saved me. Now I have help in my daily life, and hope for my future.

— Mrs. S.