About Flavel Street Baptist

We meet at:

6911 SE Flavel Street

Portland, Oregon 97206


We are trying to collect blankets, warm clothes, hats and scarves and similar items for the homeless. Contact us at 503-774-4229 if you can help.

Flavel Street Baptist Church desires to carefully reopen. Please continue space buffers so we can stay healthy. Face masks, shields or covers are required by the state to reduce the spread of disease.

The Oregon governor’s website has the latest word about our community’s lockdown/reopening status.

CDC and WHO guidelines and recommendations to discourage the spread of COVID-19.

Weekly Schedule:

DayBegin TimeActivity
Sunday10 a.m.Sunday School, Bible Study, Fellowship
Sunday11 a.m.Worship service
Wednesday5:30 p.m.Prayer Meeting
Friday3:30 p.m.Worship Plan and Practice



Some things we know:

The Bible is God’s Word, “breathed” to at least 35 different writers over a span of more than 1,400 years. We trust it.

God is three co-equal, co-eternal Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God’s personal name is transliterated YHWH, sometimes pronounced “Jehovah.” The Son, when He lived among humans, was called “Yeshua” or “Jesus.” He always was and always will be the eternal Son. We do not know an individual specific name of the Father or of the Holy Spirit. However, when we pray to God, we know the appropriate Person will respond to our prayers.

Man is completely sinful, unable to stand before a Holy God without God’s own intervention.

God (the Son) put on human flesh to live among us; to teach us God’s will; to  demonstrate God’s holy character in human form; to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins that we cannot and never could pay; and to rise again, so that we can live free from the penalty and power of sin.

“Christians” are those who have received the Life that Jesus died (and rose) to give us.

Many of the people who want to be called “Christians” have a different idea of who God is, who the Father is, who Jesus is, and who the Holy Spirit is.  As we say, they worship a “different god.”  For clarity’s sake, we do not call them “Christians,” because they have not received the Life that Jesus died and rose to give. We’re not being mean, and we’re not trying to start an argument, although we are happy to discuss it with you.

Here is a more complete Statement of our Faith.

We are affiliated with and/or support these missions and ministries:

We send clothes to Agua Viva Ministries in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

We fill boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention, we also support North American and International missions.  We support the Interstate Baptist Association.

We also support other missions and ministries as the Lord leads.

Our structure:

Rusty Hansen preaches the Word at Flavel Street Baptist Church.

Rusty teaches Adult Sunday School/Bible Study from about 10 a.m. to about 10:50 Sunday mornings.

Our Sunday worship service, from 11 a.m. to a little after noon, usually contains congregational hymns and Bible readings, and Rusty preaches.

What do people wear to Flavel Street Baptist Church? Some people wear dresses or suits; others wear jeans and T-shirts.  We care less about how you dress than about your readiness to meet with God.

What Bible translation do we use?  We find value in many translations. The various reliable translations say approximately the same things, although sometimes in different ways, which can help us understand the meaning better (like using synonyms sometimes helps). Some of us like the King James, while others read from the New American Standard Bible, the New International Version or other translations.

How do we provide for children? We welcome people of all ages to worship with us. After the singing portion of the service, young children may go to children’s classrooms and enjoy age-appropriate instruction, or families may choose to have their children stay with them as they listen to the sermon. Currently, children’s teachers are Norma Harada and Mary Thomas.

Prayer meeting

Rusty Hansen leads us Wednesday evenings as we pray for one another, for our families and our communities, our country and our world. We also pray for specific requests people make.

Prayer can be requested in person at church meetings, and we have Prayer Request cards in the sanctuary area that can be filled out and handed to the pastor, dropped in the offering plate or slipped into the Prayer Requests box in the sanctuary.

Telephone messages (503-774-4229) are cleared approximately once a week. You can leave a prayer request there, but it may not be heard as quickly as you might like.

Worship planning

We plan our worship services to be responsive to Pastor Rusty’s sermons and also to have elements familiar to church members. Members and others request hymns and make other special requests. We do our planning on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. It’s very informal.

Our Worship Team currently includes Susan, Mark, Barbara, Steve, Mary, Norma, Tom C., with Pastor Rusty Hansen as our lead planner, and “Cesar” as our greeter.  Additional participants are welcome.

Other activities

We gather for Church Work Days, Potluck meals and other events that are announced at the beginning of our Worship Service and, when possible, printed in our church weekly bulletin (available Sunday morning at church).

Services provided by others: The Salvation Army is collecting and distributing food boxes to persons in need.

Do all dogs go to Heaven? Inquiring minds want to know!

“It’s a sad part of life that dogs don’t live very long.  Perhaps you’ve had the heartbreak of a pet dying in your arms. Such experiences make us wonder why all those we love will die, and if our beloved pets will be in Heaven. More importantly, will you?”

Excerpted from Livingwaters.com

Although we don’t see an explicit answer in Scripture regarding beloved pets, we know that there is no sorrow in Heaven, so God will fill that need in His perfect way.

Flavel Street Baptist Church has experimented in the past with dog-friendly events and services. We do not currently permit dogs in regular Sunday services.


At this time, “Cesar” the dog greets people at many events but does not attend Sunday morning services.


You can submit questions or comments using the contact form below:


Trimet bus stops:

Bus route 71, northbound (towards Parkrose Transit Center), bus stop #13024, stops at the corner of 69th and Flavel. Walk northward toward the front door.

Bus route 71, southbound (towards Clackamas Town Center), bus stop #1754 stops at 70th and Flavel,  across the street from our building. Walk north (across the street) and west (to 69th Avenue), to our front door.

We have a parking lot on the north side of the building. There is also on-street parking space along 69th Avenue and Flavel Street.

There is ramp access for wheelchairs and others who may need it, inside the building by way of the front door, which opens next to 69th Avenue. There are also stairs next to the ramp.

There is stairs-only access from the parking lot on the north side of the building.

Phone number is 503-774-4229. Telephone messages are cleared approximately once a week.

copyright 2019 Flavel Street Baptist Church

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Well I was a brokendown alcoholic, and drug addict.

I was raised by my grandmother, who was a devout follower of Jesus and loved the Scripture. I always have believed in God, and that Jesus died on the cross to save me. Somewhere along the line my sin blurred that belief, and took control of my life, and I was lost for along time.

Through renewing my faith and my belief, and the power of prayer, I am free from addiction. I have been clean and sober for 10 months.


Growing up, I tried to live a virtuous life, but I kept failing. After awhile, I thought God was disappointed in me, so I lost hope and gave up trying to be good. Then a friend told me about her life, and that God had not given up on her. I realized God loved me so much that Jesus died to pay for my sins. God knew my sins and weaknesses, and He didn’t reject me. I repented of my pride and acknowledged my absolute need of Him, and He saved me. Now I have help in my daily life, and hope for my future.

Mrs. S.

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